NCT revokes 34,000 two-year certificates due to "system error" 1 year ago

NCT revokes 34,000 two-year certificates due to "system error"

The error occured after some customers were incorrectly provided with a two-year cert instead of a one-year one.

The National Car Testing Service (NCT) has revoked 34,000 two-year NCT certificates which were issued incorrectly due to a "system error".


The NCTS confirmed in a statement that an error occurred after some customers were incorrectly issued with a two-year NCT cert instead of a one-year cert when expiry dates for test certs were extended for four months in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This issue only relates to vehicles that were over 10 years old at the time of their last test, and which had their certificate extended by four months because of Covid-19. It has affected around 34,000 cars out of a total of 1.3 million tested since the service resumed in June 2020,” the statement read.

The NCTS added that the certificates should be revoked, with new certs issued by August at the latest.

“The incorrect certificates, issued at the time of the inspections, have been revoked and new NCT certificates are being issued to all affected customers. This should be complete by August," the statement continued.


“We would like to reassure customers that NCTS has taken all the necessary steps to correct this administrative error and that we will be in contact directly with each affected customer. There is no need for you to take any action until you hear from us."

It was also confirmed that a full and free test will be provided for the vehicle owners who bought a vehicle with the expectation of a longer NCT certification if it was booked for a test in advance of the revised test due date.

The NCTS is also encouraging people looking to purchase a vehicle that is over ten years old to check the NCT expiry date before purchase which they can do at