Newspaper article compares the 1916 Rising with modern terrorism and gets absolutely slated 6 years ago

Newspaper article compares the 1916 Rising with modern terrorism and gets absolutely slated

Wrong, insulting and incredibly biased.

Political ideology will always be a divisive topic and while some people might disagree with another person's opinions and beliefs, this debate is usually grounded in some semblance of truth and reality.


While the centenary celebrations for the 1916 Rising garnered some wonderful tributes and rhetoric, an article in The Telegraph has attempted to compare the Irish rebels of a century ago with the terrorist actions of groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

We're not going to link back to it but it's not difficult to track down the article in question and it has performed its sole purpose of inciting fury, ire and disgust.

Here's some of the extracts from the article in question:

A synopsis of the 1916 Rising


"One hundred years ago this Monday was the last occasion when a then-British city was taken over by armed fanatics bent on inflicting bloody carnage in the name of a political ideology with quasi-religious overtones".

On the planning of the rebellion to coincide with World War I

"Far from the traitors who had stabbed Irish boys serving with the British Army on the western front in the back, the Easter rebels were transformed into heroes and patriots".

Comparing Dublin in 1916 to Brussels in 2016


"Just as official Brussels turned a blind eye to the entry of trained and dedicated terrorists through their wide open borders, so the British officials ruling Ireland permitted the training and military drilling of the rebels for fear of offending Irish national sensibilities".

It goes without saying that plenty of people were quick to express their disgust at the article.




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