Nicola Sturgeon slates Theresa May and her cabinet following latest Brexit vote 2 months ago

Nicola Sturgeon slates Theresa May and her cabinet following latest Brexit vote

"The Prime Minister and the UK Government should be hanging their heads in shame."

First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon said that Theresa May and the UK Government "should be hanging their heads in shame" following the defeat of her second Brexit deal in the House of Commons.

MPs voted 242 in favour, 391 against. A majority of 149.

May said: "I profoundly regret the decision this house has taken tonight. I continue to believe that the best outcome is the UK leaves the EU with a negotiated deal. The deal we've negotiated is the best and only one available. This is an issue of grave importance for the future of our country."

However, Sturgeon has slated the Tory party and May's leadership, which she feels has been "pandering to Brexit extremists", while stating her belief that there's still no "workable or deliverable plan to leave the EU".

Scotland's First Minister also believes that following the latest setback on her proposed Brexit deal, May should now definitively rule out a No-Deal scenario and look to extend the deadline to leave the EU that was triggered by Article 50.

Sturgeon reaffirmed her belief that another referendum on EU membership will be supported by the SNP and she also questioned the role that the DUP has in determining Scotland's future.

Scotland's First Minister said that "the case for Scotland becoming an independent country has never been stronger" after MPs overwhelmingly rejected May's deal.

MPs will now vote on Wednesday on the prospect of leaving the EU without a deal, and potentially then on whether to extend the process of leaving the EU beyond the deadline of 29 March.

You can read her statement below.