Nightclubs are now ticket-only events, according to new measures 1 year ago

Nightclubs are now ticket-only events, according to new measures

New guidelines have been released.

Having promised to develop specific sectoral guidance for Ireland's nightlife sector on Tuesday and ultimately doing so on Thursday evening, the Government has made a notable last-minute change.


Shortly after 6pm on Friday – with mere hours to go before nightclubs throw open their various doors – news broke that nightclubs and events must be strictly ticket-only affairs in line with the latest health guidelines.

It is understood that nightclubs may open as planned from Friday night and into the bank holiday weekend but the ticket-only element will come into effect from next week.

Industry representatives were told that traditional paper tickets should be replaced by digital/mobile ones and that tickets should be secured by punters in advance.

Both ticket-takers and club-goers are expected to comply with the overall health measures as previously issued by government officials.


A valid Covid-19 Digital Certificate and photo identification are required for admission to nightclubs and venues putting on live entertainment.

The abrupt alteration is likely to cause further consternation for hospitality owners and operators, following Thursday's update that granted a return to 100% capacity for nightclubs and the removal of the 11.30pm curfew.

Live music venues, meanwhile, may host a fully-seated crowd and up to 1,500 people in a standing capacity.

"There are going to be anomalies and there are going to be contradictions," noted Tánaiste Leo Varadkar on Tuesday afternoon as confusion set in.


You can read the official government guidance here.