Sinn Féin streets ahead in newest public opinion poll 1 year ago

Sinn Féin streets ahead in newest public opinion poll

Bad news for the Green Party, in particular...

It's business as usual for Sinn Féin and Mary Lou McDonald as far as the mood of the nation is concerned – should you put your stock in opinion polls, that is.


Yep, it's that time of the month in which the various political parties go all 'league table' in response to select recorded public preferences.

This time around, it's the Sunday Independent alongside Ireland Thinks crunching the numbers.

Once again, Sinn Féin holds the popularity majority, representing the first preference of 36% of those polled – a climb of 1% on the previous poll conducted a month prior. Fine Gael take the silver medal on 21% – a drop of one percentage point – while Fianna Fáil slip by a point to 16%.

The data makes for especially poor reading for the Green Party, with Eamon Ryan's environmentally-friendly contingent dropping by two points to an overall rating of 2%.


Of course, all of this is fairly inconsequential until an actual General Election is called; something the current coalition government doesn't seem all that interested in bringing about any time soon.

For now, the latest opinion poll looks like this:

Sinn Féin | 36% (+1)

Fine Gael | 21% (-1)


Fianna Fáil | 16% (-1)

Independents/Other | 11% (+2)

Solidarity-People Before Profit | 5% (+1)

Social Democrats | 4% (no change)


Labour | 3% (no change)

Aontú | 3% (no change)

Green Party | 2% (-2)

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