Pic: Would you take on what must be Ireland’s biggest breakfast? 8 years ago

Pic: Would you take on what must be Ireland’s biggest breakfast?

We’ve come across what looks to be one of Ireland’s biggest breakfasts and it looks so ridiculous (and tasty) that we thought we better show you...

If you ever find yourself hanging around Barrack Street in Athlone after a night on the tear then there’s the perfect pick-me-up waiting for you in Murphy’s Law bar.


It’s called the Murphy’s Breakfast platter and it includes four eggs, four pieces of rasher, four sausages, four hash browns, four black & four white pieces of pudding, four pieces of fried tomato, a sizeable portion of fried mushrooms, a side bowl of beans and a bowl of chips to help wash it all down.


And the epic sized portion isn’t the best part…

If you somehow manage to get all that food down your neck in under 30-minutes you’ll be crowned Murphy’s Breakfast platter champion (on Murphy’s Law Facebook page), you’ll get your very own Murphy’s Breakfast platter t-shirt and the epic breakfast in question will be free of charge.


Sounds easy, right? If you think you can take on the challenge then get yourself down Murphy’s Law bar in Athlone, but don’t blame us when you’re passing out from the meat sweats…

Do you know of a breakfast in Ireland that dwarfs the epic platter in Murphy’s Law bar? Then make sure to send us a pic (note: pictures of mammy’s Sunday morning fry-up don’t count).

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