Pic: Wow, this 9/11-themed golf offer is pretty bad 9 years ago

Pic: Wow, this 9/11-themed golf offer is pretty bad

What were the marketing lads thinking when they thought of this one?

Tomorrow is the 12th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York. For Americans it is still a raw emotional nerve, one that the rebuilding of the site, currently under way, will hopefully help to heal.


But one Wisconsin golf club have decided to use the day as a chance to attract some extra customers, and they are getting a lot of flak as a result.

Published in the Wisconsin State Journal, and tweeted by Josh Orton, this ad for Tumbledown Trails golf club has been perceived by some as just a little distasteful.

The club quickly apologised on Facebook for any offence before announcing that they may close tomorrow over fears for their staff from people who may have been offended. Their Facebook page now appears to have been closed too.


This is one offer they won't be running again.