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19th Aug 2014

Pics: Holy moly! Check out the size of this monster alligator caught in Alabama

An Alabama family of gator-hunters caught a 1,015lb alligator and yes, it's as enormous as it sounds.

Eric Lalor

An Alabama family of gator-hunters caught a fifteen foot,  1,015lb alligator and yes, it’s as enormous as it sounds.

We’re not sure if we’re more shocked at the sheer size of the creature or the fact that this is a family of ‘gator-hunters’. No going on picnics for this family or trips to the cinema. No siree, we are off on a nice family outing to catch us some flippin’ enormous reptiles!

Look at how the baby pets the dead carcass like it’s a little pup. The carcass, not the baby.


Look at how proud the family are as they hold up the tail of the giant alligator. This is one surely destined for the mantle piece.


In this picture we see that the chief hunter is attempting to give some proportion to the size of the creature by appearing to high five it. How touching.


And finally, the picture which shows the sheer blind panic of the dog as he looks up at the creature suspended in mid-air probably thinking to himself  “Great! They can fly now too! I’m out of here!’


To be fair though, the family probably just wanted to avoid the possibility of one of the scary creatures chasing them home, something that happened right here.

All pictures via of Sharon Steinmann/ and and clip via CNBC America.

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