A policeman in England has been taken off the beat for the funniest reason possible 6 years ago

A policeman in England has been taken off the beat for the funniest reason possible

He's only gone and risked it for a biscuit.

We've all been bold at work from time to time and stolen food and drink from our colleagues. We say to ourselves that we'll replace them but we just never get around to it...


In England, stealing from a colleague has cost this policeman his job and he has been restricted from his duties for a whole year because he allegedly stole biscuits from another policeman.

According to the Mirror, the policeman stole the pack of biccies after a busy night shift. The packet was open and on someone else's desk but the thief in question took them and started handing them out to fellow officers pretending that they were his own.

He was caught out and accused of theft and has been sidelined from his duties and an investigation by Scotland Yard into the theft began shortly after.


The officer, who is based in Kingston which is in the South West of London, is one of the thousands of police officers who are currently in the middle of big investigations which are often over minor allegations. There were just under 5,000 officers on restricted duties in 2016 which is 4% of the total number of policemen in England and Wales.

While on restricted duties, policemen are unable to investigate crime or have any contact with the public. These minor allegations that lead into huge investigations are putting a massive strain on the police force who are already struggling because of government cuts.

The investigation into the theft of the biscuits is nearly over and the officer should discover his future on the matter in the next few weeks.