POLL: Would you welcome another General Election in the coming weeks? 5 years ago

POLL: Would you welcome another General Election in the coming weeks?

This Friday will mark two months since the General Election, and we appear to be no closer to seeing a new government.

Almost two months since the country went to the polls, the possibility of another general election remains on the landscape despite reports the Fianna Fáil have finally agreed to a minority Fine Gael government.


Talks between the two parties ended on Monday night without progress. However, on Tuesday, it emerged that a compromise had been reached whereby Fine Gael are prepared to suspend the charges for a period of time.

This, despite Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin's claims that he is not afraid to go to the country in an election over water charges.

A tweet from journalist Hugh O'Connell of the Sunday Business Post on Tuesday showed that two-thirds of people believe that a new ballot is on the cards.

As well as the water charges issue, there was a lot of frustration on Tuesday afternoon at a poor showing in Dáil Éireann for a discussion on Minister for Health Leo Varadkar proposal to remove €12m from this year's budget that had been set aside to alleviate mental health issues.


With many of the country's leading politicians distracted by the uncertainty of who will lead the country over the coming years, we're asking if you would welcome the chance to go to your local polling station once more.