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23rd May 2019

Rare killer whale spotted off the coast of Cork

Rudi Kinsella

killer whale cork

Not something you see every day.

Not too long ago, we shared the news that a potential “Russian spy whale” was found in waters near the Norwegian fishing village of Inga, and although this news isn’t quite as exciting, it’s still pretty cool.

An adult male killer whale was spotted off the coast of west Cork in what experts say is a very rare event in Irish waters.

Not everyday you say one of the ocean’s largest predators off the coast of Cork…

Irish Whale and Dolphin Group shared an image of the sighting on their official Facebook page.

Take a look:

David Edwards, the man who sent the image in to the group, claimed that there could have been 3 killer whales present at the time.

We’re slightly shifting from cool to terrifying here…

According to Cork News Echo Live, Edwards said he witnessed on Tuesday, 21 May at around 6pm.

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