REPORTS: Three OCI members have their passports seized by police in Rio 4 years ago

REPORTS: Three OCI members have their passports seized by police in Rio

Another unbelievable twist in the Olympics ticketing scandal.

Three members of the Olympic Council of Ireland have had their passports seized by Brazilian police in their investigation into the ticketing scandal that has rocked Irish sport.


No arrests have been made as yet, although journalist Gareth O'Connor reports that the three members will all be questioned on Tuesday.

"Early this morning in Rio, Brazilian police arrived at the OCI offices in the Olympic village and at OCI accommodation outside of the village," said the OCI in a statement.

It is reported that police removed mobile phones and tickets from the rooms of OCI members, as well as the three passports.

"The OCI personnel were asked to present for questioning at a local police station on Tuesday (23 August) next. They agreed to do so," said the OCI.

"The OCI had an allocation of unused official tickets in their offices which had been made available for athletes' families and friends. The police also took possession of these tickets," added the OCI.


Chief of the Civil Police Fraud Unit, Ricardo Barboza de Souza, told RTÉ that police "completed a search and apprehension action this morning, in the rooms of integrants of the Olympic Council of Ireland."

Former president of the OCI, Pat Hickey, remains in prison in Rio, charged with illegally reselling tickets to the Games.

Prosecutors are now trying to decide whether Hickey's case should go to court; should they decide not to proceed, it is expected he would be free to leave Brazil and return to Ireland.