Ryanair confirms that Thursday's strike will go ahead 7 months ago

Ryanair confirms that Thursday's strike will go ahead

The airline has issued a statement.

Ryanair has confirmed that talks with a pilot union finished without agreement on Wednesday, meaning that Thursday's strike will go ahead.

27% of Irish pilots will strike on Thursday, which has led to 30 cancellations on flights between Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Despite crisis talks which lasted for seven hours, an agreement could not be struck.

According to RTÉ, the union is seeking  an agreement that will "provide our member pilots directly employed by Ryanair with a fair and transparent mechanism to understand how and why they are in the base they are in, the order in which their turn may come up for a transfer, how and why they received a particular annual leave allocation, or any other decisions that should take due account of their length of service and seniority in the company."

The statement can be read in full below.

The company has specified that "Customers flying on flights from Ireland to Europe tomorrow will suffer no cancellations, even if the strike goes ahead, thanks to the great work by the majority of our Irish pilots who are not proposing to strike."

The strike comes as European airports in countries like the France, Germany and Greece are suffering a shortage of Air Traffic Control staff, which has caused further disruption to Irish holiday-makers in the last two weeks.