Audio emerges from moment of Ryanair landing malfunction at Dublin Airport 10 months ago

Audio emerges from moment of Ryanair landing malfunction at Dublin Airport

By Fiona Frawley.

"Can you see any fire or smoke?"


Audio has emerged from the moment a Ryanair flight experienced a "minor issue" with its landing gear at Dublin Airport.

The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon and resulted in a full emergency being declared.

A video uploaded by VASAviation on YouTube shares the moment when the plane came into difficulty.

On the audio, the crew can be heard confirming details with the ATC tower as it prepared for landing.


Someone can be heard saying "...the Ryanair on the runway, there was a lot of smoke and sparks".

Audio emerges from Ryanair landing malfunction at Dublin Airport.

The ATC can then be heard saying "Ryanair 5542 rescue vehicles are on the way - no smoke or fire observed from the tower at the moment, just looks like a gear failure".


ATC can then be heard communicating with other departures, explaining that the runway would be closed for some time and that departures and arrivals will go from the north runway with some short delays expected.

The runway was opened shortly after the incident once passengers safely disembarked the plane and it was towed to a hangar. There were no injuries on board, but one person was treated for shock.

The ATC tower can be heard telling the crew, "Vehicles on the way" as sparks flew from the plane when it came down the runway after the landing gear failure.

The crew asks, "Can you see any fire or smoke?" to which the air traffic controller responds, "No fire at the moment but there was a lot of sparks and smoke on touchdown."


Ryanair dublin airport The damaged nose wheel of Ryanair flight 5542, image via Twitter/@michaelkelly707.

Following the incident, a statement from Dublin Airport was released reading:

A Full Emergency was declared at Dublin Airport this afternoon following the arrival of Ryanair flight FR5542 from Liverpool Airport. Passengers disembarked the aircraft normally.

Air Traffic flows into Dublin Airport were restricted during the incident.


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