Ryanair staff threaten biggest strike in company history 2 years ago

Ryanair staff threaten biggest strike in company history

This follows several months of repeated strike action.

Ryanair passengers may face even more travel chaos following a threatening statement released by cabin crew in five countries which claimed that "the biggest strike action the company has ever seen" may be looming.


The potentially impending strike has been threatened by unions in Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands who are insisting that their work contracts should be drawn up in their own countries rather than in Ireland, which is the system they go by now.

"On September 20, the shareholders will have the opportunity to place Ryanair on the right track and ensure a long and sustainable model more suitable to the Europe of the 21st century by capturing the right talents to bring Ryanair to the level that we all want to see it," the statement reads.

"If the company leadership is not willing to make the changes necessary, (the workers) will have no choice but to respond with the biggest strike action the company has ever seen."

The cabin crews are aiming to take mass strike action during the last week of September if their needs aren't met.

A final decision will be made by the group on Thursday, 20 September.

The airline also recently announced a change in the way they check-in hand luggage.

From 1 November, a fee of up to €10 will be charged to passengers who wish to bring a second piece of hand luggage on a Ryanair flight, unless they are a priority boarding customer.