Saudi man seeks iPhone 6 as dowry for his sister... 5 years ago

Saudi man seeks iPhone 6 as dowry for his sister...

Is she really the Apple of your eye?

Now here's a culture clash that could only be possible in today's world. A Saudi man has bargained a brand new iPhone 6 for the chance to wed his sister... Yeah.

While the pretence of a dowry for the hand in marriage of a loved one may be somewhat outdated in these parts of the world, a man in Saudi Arabia has given the idea a modern twist. The man is insisting that his sister's potential suitor would not get to wed his sibling without first providing him with the newest smartphone from the boys in Cupertino California.

In the Arab world the tradition of dowries is long rooted and usually consists of a sum of money. This man has supplanted his father's request for the sum instead looking for something a bit more practical.

While we don't necessarily agree with the tradition we figure if he's going to be getting something out of it anyway he may as well push for the Apple watch while he is at it.

Hey, it sure beats a few heifers and the promise of road frontage.

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