Schools affected by Storm Barra expected to reopen tomorrow, says Minister 2 years ago

Schools affected by Storm Barra expected to reopen tomorrow, says Minister

The public is advised to be "extremely cautious" of the storm.

Education Minister Norma Foley has said schools affected by Storm Barra are expected to reopen on Wednesday (8 December).


It comes after the Department of Education advised that schools should not open on Tuesday in areas covered by Met Éireann's red and orange wind warnings.

As of the time of writing, red alerts have been issued for Clare, Cork and Kerry, while orange alerts have been put out for Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Louth, Mayo, Meath, Waterford, Wexford and Wicklow.

Appearing on Morning Ireland, Foley explained the decision to shut schools in these counties.

"This is really a very significant, very serious and potentially... a very severe storm warning," Foley said.


"There will be high winds, heavy rainfall, risks of snow, risks of flooding and that's not to mention the potential for falling trees, debris and structural damage.

"So, in the round, we have taken this on the basis of a health and safety protection... of our school community."

The Minister was asked if the Government is also advising people in orange counties not to go to work.

"I think what were advising here is that people would be extremely cautious in the orange alert," she replied.


"You would measure your activities in the day but you would be appreciative of the fact that our students are in the main there under 18.

"They would require particular minding and assistance if they were to go from A to B in terms of providing transport and parents being in a position to pick them up.

"So, to give significant notice really I suppose to parents and guardians, we took this as a precautionary measure for our schools.

"We believe - all things going well - that this will be a single-day event."


Foley was then asked if she was expecting all schools to be back open tomorrow.

"That is the expectation but of course we will have to say that we will follow the advice of Met Éireann," she responded.

"That will be updated throughout the day and if any further decisions have to be made, we will make them before 6pm this evening."

On Monday, the Head of Forecasting for Met Éireann referred to the incoming storm as a "significant and severe" weather event, which could be described as a "weather bomb".

Meanwhile, Gardaí have warned the public not to make any unnecessary journeys in areas with red or orange weather warnings.


Met Éireann is continuing to monitor the situation, and members of the public are being advised to check its website regularly for any further updates.