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10th Feb 2019

The INMO have condemned today’s protest outside Simon Harris’ house

Rudi Kinsella

Simon Harris protest

A protest took place outside Simon Harris’ family home on Sunday afternoon.

The Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO) have condemned the protest organised by the Fingal Battalion Direct Action Group, that took place outside Simon Harris’ family home in Greystones.

In a brief statement, the INMO condemned the protest and distanced themselves from those responsible.

They said: “The INMO and its members condemn in the strongest possible terms the protests today outside Minister Harris’ family home. The protests are completely inappropriate.”

Fine Gael TD Noel Rock also criticised the protest, saying: “This isn’t on and should be condemned by all who favour democracy.”

The group responsible had already released a statement in an attempt to explain their actions:

“We’re outside the the home of minister of health Simon Harris. Since been giving [sic] this position he has completely neglected it. he’s not even qualified for this job we’re all aware of the smear test scandal, thousands patients on trolleys, medical cannabis bill, the extravagant costs of the new children’s hospital and the Nurses strike. Who we fully support.

“Simon is part of Fine Gael party the same party who voted for the eviction bill to be signed. And are aware of the hundreds of people that are sleeping on our streets every night Today we launch the campaign #bringittotheirdoors.”

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