WATCH: Pro-Brexit MP ushered away from live debate by Sky News host 4 years ago

WATCH: Pro-Brexit MP ushered away from live debate by Sky News host

"That is completely unacceptable. Please don't talk to her in that fashion."

Two MPs, one on either side of the Brexit debate, took part in a debate live on Sky News on Monday, which ended with the host of the debate practically asking one of them to leave.


Conservative MP David Davies, a supporter of the Leave campaign, and Labour MP Anna Turley, a People's Vote Supporter, got into a very heated debate on Sky News on Monday afternoon.

While the clip shows Turley's impassioned and angered response to an earlier statement made by Davies, we do see Davies getting impatient with not being able to respond to any of Turley's multiple questions, resulting in him simply taking out his phone and telling Turley that he will finally respond whenever she's done talking.

This prompted Sky News host Kay Burley to interject, talking to Davies:

"Lets not be patronising. No, that is completely unacceptable. Please don't speak to her in that fashion, it is not acceptable. You've had more than... you've had 50 percent each."


Davies responded to Burley, saying, "Okay then, you two carry on", at which point Burley thanked Davies for coming and essentially ushered him away from the debate.

As Davies walks away from the debate, Burley gets one more dig in: "In front of the camera? Excellent."

Watch the full interaction here: