Stanley Johnson, Boris's father, has made some wildly incorrect claims about the Irish border 10 months ago

Stanley Johnson, Boris's father, has made some wildly incorrect claims about the Irish border

Where has he been living all his life?

The Conservative Party conference is ongoing in the UK as party members meet over four days to discuss important matters and listen to speeches from prominent party members.

Theresa May stole the show on Wednesday by entering the stage to an ABBA belter, which we're sure you've seen somewhere on your social timelines.

The most recognisable politician in the UK at the moment, Boris Johnson, also spoke on Tuesday, where he criticised Theresa May's Chequers plan and stated it would be detrimental to the UK.

He even went as far as joking that the Chequers plan could result in Theresa May being prosecuted "under the 14th century statute of praemunire, which says that no foreign court or government shall have jurisdiction in this country".

Johnson conveniently forgot to mention, through ignorance or half truths, that praemunire was removed from UK law under Criminal Law Act of 1967. But that wouldn't have complemented his joke, would it?

Well, Boris wasn't the only Johnson making wild sweeping statements at the conference, with his father Stanley citing some bizarre "facts" about Northern Ireland and the Irish border.

Stanley, an author and former politician, supported the vote to Remain, but said that he doesn't want another referendum because the people have spoken, but he also displayed a complete lack of knowledge on the Irish border issue.

He stated: "It's absolutely ludicrous, there's never been a hard border in Ireland. I'm sure there won't be a hard border.

"There are plenty of countries in the EU where one country is in the EU and another country is not... And they don't shoot each other.

"So why we can think that Ireland is going to be such a disaster, I don't know."

One question Stanley, where have you been your whole life?