Cold water warning issued to swimmers for long weekend 3 months ago

Cold water warning issued to swimmers for long weekend

Be careful, swimmers.

The Irish public is being urged to practice caution if they're heading to the beach over the long weekend.


Thousands are expected to flock to beaches around the country as temperatures continue to soar over the bank holiday weekend.

Temperatures are expected to reach highs of 25 degrees, but that doesn't mean the Irish Sea will be as warm as people are expecting.

Water Safety Officer, Carline Casey told RTÉ's Brendan O'Connor: "Swim where there are lifeguards. You'll know they are on duty because you will see the red-over-yellow flags flying on the beach."

She continued, "The water is still quite cold, especially if you're not swimming on a regular basis.


"So in this type of weather, our body temperatures are warmer and if we go very quickly into the water, you could get cold water shock."

She advised swimmers to go to a beach they're familiar with. You should also be aware of your swimming ability and swim within your depth.

She continued, "If you have children with you at the beach, please make sure and supervise them and supervise means holding their hands, be it on the sand and in the water."

Meanwhile, the Irish Coast Guard, the RNLI and Water Safety Ireland issued a joint statement appeal asking the public to take necessary precautions around water.


"For those swimming, remember to acclimatise slowly, wear a bright swimming cap and consider a tow float to increase visibility. Never swim alone and always ensure that your activity is being monitored by a colleague. Swim in areas that are lifeguarded or are known locally to be safe."

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