Temperatures to drop to a chilling -4 this weekend 2 months ago

Temperatures to drop to a chilling -4 this weekend

Do your plans involve leaving the house this weekend? Cancel them.

Or at least cancel them if you struggle to deal with the cold, because there's a chilly few days in store.

This week's weather has already been fairly rough, with high winds and cold weather tearing through the country thanks to Storm Brendan. Since Storm Brendan has passed, cold weather has taken over... and it's not going away anytime soon.

Based on the latest weather forecast, your blankets and hot water bottles are going to be working overtime this weekend.

Let's start with Thursday night. Showers of rain or hail will spread from the west early tonight, with lowest temperatures of -1 degrees and frost to be expected as well.

Friday night? Met Éireann has said that Friday night will be "very cold", with a widespread sharp to severe frost under clear skies. Temperatures could drop to a minimum of -4 degrees.

There will be sunny spells, with occasional scattered showers of rain or hail, some of them wintry, especially on higher ground.

Saturday? The same again, baby. It's expected to be, once again, very cold and frosty with minimum temperatures of -4.

Sunday might be a little warmer and is shaping up to be a lovely winter's day, with dry and sunny spells and light breezes, with maximum afternoon temperatures of 4 to 8 degrees. Beautiful.

More information can be found on the Met Éireann website here.