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There's some lucky feckers in Carlow and Dublin...

The National Lottery have revealed the luckiest areas in Ireland when it comes to winning the jackpot.

The results outline where the winners of the Lotto, Euromillions, and Dailymillion have been scooped the most often since January.

We've been a fairly lucky bunch in Ireland over the past six months with €258 million won by members of the public in draws since the start of 2016.

But amazingly, €128 million of this huge sum was won on Ireland's ten luckiest streets according to the Irish Mirror.

As we mentioned above, Carlow came out very strongly with Barrack Street named the luckiest place in Ireland when it comes to winning the lotto.

Here's a line we thought we'd never say, everyone get in your car and go to Carlow...

Here are the top ten luckiest places in Ireland for lotto wins:

  1. Barrack Street, Carlow
  2. Station Road, Portarlington, Laois
  3. Main Street, Belmullet, Mayo
  4. Londis at The Faythe, Wexford
  5. The Ranch Shop and Deli on Forkhill Road, Dundalk, Louth
  6. Spar on Upper Baggot Street, Dublin
  7. Fountain Street, Waterford
  8. Spar on Limerick Road, Ennis, Clare
  9. Spar on Drogheda Street, Balrothery, Dublin
  10. Centra on North King Street, Dublin

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