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PIC: The Telegraph's Snapchat believes the whole island of Ireland is part of the UK
"Why British students are heading to America for elite education."

The image accompanied an article about British students studying abroad.

The Telegraph has posted an image on its Snapchat account of the Union Jack flag covering the islands of both the UK and Ireland.

The image was used as an introduction to an article by the newspaper about British students moving to America in order to complete their third-level education.

Above the image reads the caption: "my life would have been much easier if I stayed at home... but you're emptier if you stay" and plays God Save The Queen in the background before cutting to an image of The United States of America and playing a rendition of their national anthem.

The article follows the stories of British students and states that "there has been a 31% increase in British students applying to US colleges: 11,600 are now there."

The image does not appear in the online edition of the education report, however, and is only visible through Snapchat.


In order to see the video, using your Snapchat app, swipe to your right where your friends' stories normally are and middle way down you will see many 'featured' stories and here you will find The Telegraph's story from today.

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