There's a real Danny DeVito lookalike in Dublin and he wants the It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia gig 2 years ago

There's a real Danny DeVito lookalike in Dublin and he wants the It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia gig

"He'd be shocked if someone else has more of a liking than him."

The long-running sitcom It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is shooting in Ireland this weekend and is on an "urgent" search for a double for its star Danny DeVito.


However, it seems that the popular sitcom may not have to look too far to find Frank Reynolds' doppelganger as it just so happens that there is a real Danny DeVito lookalike right here in Dublin - and no, we don't mean President Higgins.

A 4'10 retired businessman who goes by the name Dublin Danny DeVito, or DannyDublinDeVito on Instagram, is now petitioning for the job.

JOE spoke with a spokesperson for Dublin Danny himself to answer some burning questions.

Anthony, the man behind the well-known Instagram account for the lookalike is a good friend of Dublin Danny and runs the page on his behalf.


Here's what he had to say:

How often do people genuinely mistake him for Danny?

"Yeah a good bit, but I think now most of the time when people come down to see him it's because of the Instagram page."

Why did you decide to set up the page and who came up with the idea?


"I think it was both of us. It was just a nickname he had picked up over time and then I put the photos up on my personal Instagram account. That gained good traction so then I started using that for him as well.

"We started running that a couple of years ago as a joke and it kicked off a little bit so now we would get people popping down to have a chat with him and take a photo.

"Every day he will pop in and see how many likes it has and see how many comments he's getting."

Has Dublin Danny ever managed to get anything free or cool because someone thought he was the real Danny DeVito?


"Not as of yet. But, he is the mascot for a business called Token."

Token is a popular restaurant located in Smithfield in Dublin which features a range of arcade games that diners can play.

"He's on all of their coins, so when you go into Token and get a bag of coins, he is the face on all of the coins in there."

When did he first realise he looked like Danny DeVito?

"I'd say in the last couple of years is when he started to pick up the name.


"But, he's been getting called it for a long time, probably because of the short height as well."

Can he do an impression of DeVito?

"He wouldn't do it often. But, I'm sure he could."

Has he ever met the real Danny DeVito?

"Not yet."

Does he think Danny knows he exists?

"I'm hoping he would at this stage."

He added that he is hopeful that he will "by this weekend" if he doesn't already.

When did he first hear about this job opportunity?

"Yesterday morning, we applied straight away."

Will he be disappointed if ANOTHER Irish Danny DeVito lookalike gets the gig instead of him?

"He'd be shocked if someone else has more of a liking than him."

Why is he the best Danny DeVito lookalike?

"He's the most original, the resemblance is there, he doesn't need to try look like him, it just comes naturally."

What is his favourite DeVito movie?

"Twins - definitely."

Well, if it does comes down to Dublin Danny or Arnold Schwarzenegger, we're pretty sure he's got the gig in the bag.