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19th Oct 2022

Tory MP describes Celtic Symphony controversy as “low point” for the UK

Hugh Carr

tory mp celtic symphony

Honestly, this seems like the least of Liz Truss’ concerns…

A Conservative MP has described the Irish women’s football team singing Celtic Symphony as a “low point” for the UK.

John Baron, Conservative MP for Basildon and Billericay discussed the video in a question to Prime Minister Liz Truss on Wednesday (19 October).

“Mr Speaker, there’s been a number of low points recently, including the Republic of Ireland’s football team singing pro-IRA songs in the changing room,” Baron said.

“We should never forget the sacrifice of those who paid the price to maintain the peace in the Troubles.

“Closer to home, recent events meant that spending is going to be more constrained than originally thought.

“May I encourage the prime minister to ensure that we retain compassion in politics and these decisions, including maintaining the link between benefits and inflation?”

The question came as part of a tumultuous period of Prime Minister’s Questions, following the abandonment of her economic plan for the country.

celtic symphony apology

Labour leader Keir Starmer made reference to a book being written about Truss’ time as Prime Minister, asking whether it being “Out By Christmas” was going to be the title.

Baron is the latest voice adding his thoughts to the controversy surrounding Ireland’s post-match behaviour after qualifying for the World Cup.

The original writer and singer of the tune, Brian Warfield, has weighed in on the furore and is calling on the FAI to apologise to the Irish women’s team for how it dealt with the situation.

“I call on the FAI to apologise to these young girls for putting them into a situation that was totally cruel,” Warfield said in a video on TikTok.

“Putting them into the lion’s den when they were sent out there to answer the questions of a professional commentator on Sky News, and they were made and bullied into apologising.”