Train from Sligo to Connolly Station delayed by "anti-social behaviour" 1 year ago

Train from Sligo to Connolly Station delayed by "anti-social behaviour"

Very annoying for the passengers who got delayed.

A train from Sligo to Connolly Station in Dublin was stopped for almost an hour at Kilcock Station as crew waited for the Gardaí to arrive.

An Garda Síochána had been summoned to the scene to deal with "anti-social behaviour" on the train.

An Garda Síochána have not commented on the incident.

Not only did the anti-social behaviour cause problems for those travelling from on the 11:05 Sligo train to Dublin, it also delayed those travelling in the opposite direction.

On Twitter, Iarnród Éireann confirmed that trains from Sligo to Dublin and back travel on a single line beyond Maynooth station, causing knock-on delays for other travellers.

The incident follows several high-profile incidents on unruliness or violence on public transport in recent weeks and months that have seen some call for a police force dedicated to Irish Rail.

Less than two weeks ago, a teenager was taken to hospital after being stabbed on a DART train in Dublin.