Trump responds to poll that states he has the worst approval ratings in 70 years 4 years ago

Trump responds to poll that states he has the worst approval ratings in 70 years

He somehow manages to rebuke the poll, and turn it into a compliment. A truly Trump-ian response.

In a new poll published by ABC News, a public approval rating poll was taken on Trump's six-month run so far, and the results were... well, they're not good.


Yep, that is a 36% approval rating, and a 58% disapproval rating.

Yes, that is the highest disapproval rating of ANY standing President at the six-month point for the last 70 years, besting the previous record-holder Clinton, who had a 51% disapproval rating, but a 45% approval rating.

Trump's approval scores have continued to drop precipitously, as it was up at 42% back in April.

According to The Washington Post, 48% of ALL Americans say they "disapprove strongly" of Trumps's performance in office, a level that has only ever been matched by George W. Bush during his second term.

Trump obviously got word of the results, and took to his favourite form of social media to vent his ... well, they're not exactly frustrations, but ... we're not exactly sure what we should be calling them...


So within the space of 140 characters, he claims the poll-takers are notoriously inaccurate, while inaccurately claiming a score of "almost 40%", but then saying that score isn't actually all that bad for the six month mark, despite all of the evidence we just listed out proving the opposite.

A lot of folk clapped back with proof that ABC and Washington Post proved to be the most accurate, but this host of an American political radio show condensed his opinion on the entire issue down quite succinctly, when it was revealed that 36% of the poll-takers were Democrats, and 23% were Republicans.