Trump to Secretary of State: 'Don't waste time negotiating with North Korea' 2 years ago

Trump to Secretary of State: 'Don't waste time negotiating with North Korea'

Trump appears to be picking fights with just about everyone this week.

Between going to town on the NFL players who want to take a knee at the American flag in response the police brutality against black communities, and attacking the Mayor of Puerto Rican capital San Juan when she publicly pleaded for help, he really has been lashing out in seemingly every direction.

And as if he wasn't preoccupied enough with the fights at home, he continues to stoke the fires with some international issues, too.

Earlier this weekend, America's Secretary Of State Rex Tellington said (via CNN) that the US has direct lines of communication to North Korea, and his immediate goal is to "calm things down" in the international standoff over the country's nuclear weapons program.

Then, on Sunday morning, Trump responded to Tellington's attempts to diffuse the situation with the nuclear-armed nation.

These really are the tweets of a man who seems pretty intent on starting a fight, no matter what the consequences might be.

He is actively telling the person in charge of talking down a nation looking for a war to stop negotiating with them.

All while continuing to belittle the leader of the country who has already threatened to destroy America.

Even if Trump has no intent to follow through, is it really the best idea to insult the North Korean leader in such a public manner? And does he think calling him "Rocket Man" is funny? Because..... he has rockets? Doesn't America (and, by association, Trump) also have rockets?

Good God, even his insults are stupid...