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03rd Sep 2012

Tweet of the day: Barton asks Dabo over for dinner

Joey Barton has never been a man to show much remorse. He thinks Ousmane Dabo needs to move on, and if he can't, he has offered to cook him dinner and talk about it. Nice chap that Barton.


Beamish lays claim to the line ‘consistency in a world gone mad’. Joey Barton is both consistent and mad and his latest tweets give more than ample evidence of both traits.

By Declan Whooley

Joey Barton, or Joseph as he likes to be addressed, is not everyone’s cup of tea. Any man that sparks a pre-season brawl, assaults a supporter, is arrested twice, spends 77 days in prison and uses his team-mates face as an ashtray generally tends to be frowned upon by the public at large.

Possibly his most controversial moment, and that is quite a hard-earned accolade, was when he attacked team-mate Ousmane Dabo, his former Manchester City team-mate, leaving the Frenchman with head injuries and a detached retina. That attack saw Barton end up behind bars, his career at City was over and his reputation damaged beyond repair.

You would think that Barton would be slightly remorseful about that incident, but then that assumption would be based on logic, something the Liverpudlian seems to lack on occasions.

After his recent switch to Marseille, Dabo has spoken in the French media about how he believes Barton has never told the truth about their incident in 2007.

Joseph has responded in the only way he knows, to his 1.7 million followers on Twitter. As you can see, we think Dabo might pass on his kind offer of dinner.











This has already sparked a mass response, but easily our favoutite tweet on the subject comes from one of the most cleverly named twitter accounts out there. We can only assume that the person in question is a Hammer with a good sense of humour as @Wanchope&YourDickov certainly did not sit on the fence with their feelings.

Marseille will hope the French Come Dine With Me footballer’s edition doesn’t happen anytime soon.

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