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05th May 2014

Video and pics: English city shuts down an entire street to put in a massive water slide

We demand that every Irish town and city does the same.


We demand that every Irish town and city does the same.

How do you cheer up the residents of your town/city? Easy. Based on what the folks in Bristol did yesterday, just install a massive water slide and the entire population is thrilled.

The powers that be decided to close off a gently sloping, very straight street in the city centre yesterday and they built a very long water slide along it. The 90m long slide was pretty simple to put together, just needing a lot of plastic sheeting, some bales, water and a dash of washing up liquid.

Organised by Luke Jerram (main pic) the ‘Park and Slide’ is part of a summer long series of events where streets are closed off so that people can enjoy them in different ways when cars are removed.

They had an application process for tickets for the slide and an incredible 100,000 people tried to get one. Sadly, only 360 places were available but the huge crowds, and many happy faces, showed that the idea is a real winner.

Town councils and mayors of Ireland, get cracking on getting these installed all over the country please.

Waterslide 2

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