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Kilkenny jerseys will be banned from the streets of Waterford, and it's all coming into effect this Saturday.

Waterford's council have reportedly voted to ban the wearing of opposing teams' GAA colours on its city streets.

According to Darren Skelton in the Waterford News & Star, a by-law was initially proposed by Fianna Fáil councillor John O'Leary in 2015 and is set to come into effect between June and September every year, starting this summer.

"This is nothing against the people of Kilkenny, or indeed Wexford, bit is all about promoting the blue and white," O'Leary told the publication.

"The vote in the Plenary meeting was unanimous, which tells you that I'm not the only one that's sick of seeing black and amber banners and scarves on the streets and thoroughfares of Waterford city and county."

According to the paper, the by-law will be signed on Saturday and will see the banning of jerseys, scarves, hats, headbands and other county paraphernalia. Anyone who breaches the by-law will be fined €25 and this could rise to €200 for repeat offenders.

So, to sum up, April Fool's Day jokes are starting early this year.


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