We all know someone that skives off work by visiting this unusual place 6 years ago

We all know someone that skives off work by visiting this unusual place

Because sometimes, your lunch break just isn't enough.

We've all been there, you've been sitting at your desk for what feels like 19 months and you still have another three hours until 5 o'clock comes around.


What do you do to pass the time? You could always do your work, yeah right! Slouching at your desk while staring into space, or quietly cursing your workload seem like fine choices to us.


Well apparently, 38% of workers nip off to the toilet and spend a few minutes on their phone or simply just sit on the throne and contemplate their existence.

According to a survey by Yakult to mark Gut Week 2015, 43 % of men use toilet breaks in work as a way to take a sly little 10 minutes off work.

We're shocked...

200-66But it seems that their female counterparts are considerably less likely to use a toilet break to get a bit of time away from their desk.

Just 32% of women admitted to using the loo as a location to get away doing any work.


Potential employers should be wary of the younger generation though because 69% of workers surveyed aged 18-24 admitted to skiving off work by executing their right to a toilet break.

As this JOE writer represents this particular demographic, it's my duty to say that I decline to comment on the veracity of that last claim.