Weather advisory issued for Ireland as "wet and very windy" spell expected 1 month ago

Weather advisory issued for Ireland as "wet and very windy" spell expected

Met Éireann has said there could be flooding and travel disruptions.

A weather advisory has been issued for Ireland as a "wet and very windy" spell is expected to hit the country next week.


According to Met Éireann, the spell is forecasted to impact Ireland on Tuesday and Wednesday, potentially causing travel disruptions and coastal flooding.

The meteorological service also states there could be wintry precipitation on Tuesday night and Wednesday which may lead to further disruptions to travel.

The advisory - valid from 4.15pm on Friday to 6pm on Wednesday - is to be updated on Saturday, with weather warnings likely to be issued on Sunday.

Met Éireann meteorologists Emer Flood and Paul Downes have said the reason for the expected conditions is a "deepening Atlantic depression".

"The location and timing of the strongest gusts is not certain yet, but Atlantic coastal counties will likely experience the strongest winds during Tuesday," they said in a statement.


"The depression will likely move slowly eastwards over or near Ireland overnight Tuesday and during Wednesday as it starts to fill and weaken."

It will then likely track eastwards away from Ireland overnight on Wednesday.

As for its possible impact, the meteorologists said the cyclone will bring gales across much of the country during Tuesday.

Damaging gusts are likely in some areas, as gales or strong gales develop in most sea areas.

It is also possible there may be storm-force winds at times on Tuesday.


"The strengthening winds will be accompanied by a spell of heavy rain on Tuesday, followed by heavy showers," they added.

"Showers will continue overnight Tuesday and through Wednesday.

"With colder air wrapping around the depression centre and pulled over Ireland on Wednesday, there is potential for some of the showers to fall as sleet or snow on high ground."