Below freezing temperatures tonight but the weekend looks alright, weather-wise 8 months ago

Below freezing temperatures tonight but the weekend looks alright, weather-wise

Sure you'll mostly be indoors, anyway.

And you really should be, given the severity of the Covid-19 coronavirus emergency that we are all facing.


Social distancing is of paramount importance right now, but you can still leave the house and go for walks and such - just in a responsible and safe manner.

If you're planning on doing so this weekend, you'll probably be wondering what you're in for on the weather front. In short; cold, dry, somewhat sunny.

Not bad, all in all.

We'll start with Friday (20 March), seeing as it is indeed Friday morning at the time of writing. According to Met Éireann, a cold enough day lies ahead, kicking off with frosty conditions and some degree of cloud.

There's sunshine in the mix, too, with temperatures ranging between 8 and 11 degrees. The night should be clear enough, though temperatures are set to dip below freezing with minus 1 to plus 2 degrees forecast.

Munster will fare better in that regard, staying between plus 4 or 5.

Saturday looks mostly dry all-round, though there is a risk of some pain on the west coast early in the day. Temperatures in Connaught, west Munster and Ulster will range between 6 and 7 degrees with an average of 8 to 10 degrees elsewhere.


Things will turn a touch cloudy in the evening across the western half of Ireland, bringing the possibility of light rain. In the east, things should be dry and clear.

Temperatures will once again be higher in the south, ranging between 4 and 6 degrees in contrast to a "chilly" plus 1 to plus 3 degrees elsewhere in the country.

As for Sunday, the "dry and sunny" theme continues with temperatures of between 12 degrees (west) and 10 degrees (east) against a backdrop of light winds.

Get ready for a cold night, though, with temperatures once again dropping to below freezing.

As for next week, Monday looks dry with "a good deal" of sunshine and potential afternoon temperatures of up to 14 degrees.


All very settled, with Tuesday following suit with roughly the same general forecast before Wednesday arrives with the possibility of rain.

Remember, stay safe and act responsibly throughout.