We're hiring – JOE's on the hunt for a new Senior Journalist 8 years ago

We're hiring – JOE's on the hunt for a new Senior Journalist

Hey you! Yeah you!

Want the chance to be the best? The very best that you can be? Well, here at Maximum Media we’ve got the perfect opportunity just for you.


Just in case you've been living under a rock of late, metaphorical or otherwise, Maximum Media is the company that owns and operates the leading lifestyle websites for Irish men and women: JOE.ie and Her.ie, two sites with a combined social following of 444,000.

The award-winning JOE.ie is one of Ireland’s fastest-growing websites and we can now boast over 2 million unique users every month, as well as a 235,000 plus strong social media following. That’s like, loads and loads and loads of people so why wouldn't you want to be part of this terrific team?

Due to this remarkable and extensive growth, we now have an exciting new opportunity on the horizon of life… that’s a rubbish analogy meaning that we want to give you a full-time job – the job of Senior Journalist no less.



The ideal candidate will work alongside our current dedicated, handsome team to bring the JOE readers the news that interests and entertains them – be it sports of any kind (yes, four-legged sprinting is included in that category) films, television, gaming, motors, the latest in men’s fashion and style, fun features and honest opinion pieces.

Most importantly, you’ll be a senior member of the fantastic JOE.ie writing team – a great bunch of lads who all have lovely bottoms.

The ideal candidate will also;

  • Embody the JOE spirit – Plan the content of the site according to JOE’s style and editorial policy, while at the same time constantly evolving the aforementioned style and editorial theme.
  • Be creative – Sure, we know you can doodle drawings on your notepad but by being creative we mean that you will also be able to develop story or content ideas across all sections of the site. Doodling and developing; the very definition of multitasking.
  • Be socially savvy, both on and offline – This will involve an in-depth knowledge of the workings of social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. OK, so maybe not Myspace, but we’ll definitely ask you quesitons about those weird drawings on your Bebo page. An ability to actually talk to and interact with other human beings will also come in very handy.


  • Be a newshound – Monitor news-gathering services such as social media, press releases, telephone contacts, radio, television, wire services, and other reporters. Ideally you’ll be in the mould of a reporter like The Daily Planet’s Clark Kent; a great nose for breaking news but you’ll also be able to (secretly) turn into a superhuman-type figure in the flash of an eye and rescue orphaned puppies from a burning building. Please don’t wear your underwear outside your trousers though. Not to the interview at least...


  • Have a minimum of three year’s experience in a senior editorial role and the drive to grow within the overall business.
  • A lifetime of being awesome. Obviously.

Push ups? You mean earth downs?  overly manly man

So if you think you’re a magnificent moustache-growing, beast-fighting, walking-away-from-an-explosion-in-slow-motion kind of individual and you reckon you have what it takes to be the Chuck Norris of website editing, then get applying and send your CV and Cover Letter to work@MaximumMedia.ie and make sure to write  ’JOE.ie Senior Journalist Application’  in the subject line. 


The closing date for applications is Thursday, March 27th, so make sure to send in your CV and Cover Letter before then!