Met Éireann say there is 'no rule of thumb saying a great summer will lead to a bad winter' 2 years ago

Met Éireann say there is 'no rule of thumb saying a great summer will lead to a bad winter'

Some UK forecasters are predicting a severe, early-arriving winter by October.

With the Atlantic currently brewing three separate hurricanes right now, one of which is causing over one million people to be evacuated from their homes in the States, all eyes are on the impending winter.


Forecasters in the UK are predicting cold and frosty winds to sweep through Britain in the coming weeks, and sub-zero temperatures are expected to freeze us before the end of October as the clocks go back and the daylight gets shorter.

Others are telling folk to prepare for conditions similar to the 'Beast from the East', which brought a Siberian blast to the country earlier this year.

Usually whatever the UK get, weather-wise, Ireland gets a similar version, but apparently it is impossible to predict weather forecasts more than 10 days in advance; this is the very reason why Met Éireann don't release long-range forecasts, as it would decrease their accuracy.

Met Éireann's forecast for the coming week isn't all that bad, and our national weather forecaster told JOE that the weather at the moment is exactly what we should expect from September. They insist that the sudden change in weather is most likely felt to be more severe than usual because of the incredibly good weather that we've experienced this summer.

Additionally, there is no rule of thumb that says that because we had an amazingly hot summer, we will be on the receiving end of a very cold winter.

So you can put your fears to rest for now, but maybe just have your rain jacket and jumper on standby.

It is still September in Ireland, after all.