Bernie Sanders says he'll bring a lie detector when debating Trump 3 years ago

Bernie Sanders says he'll bring a lie detector when debating Trump

He's probably only joking, but we'd genuinely like to see it.

Bernie Sanders recently announced that he would be running for President in America in 2020.


Sanders missed out to Hillary Clinton as the Democratic candidate back in 2016, but he has revealed that he will be giving it another go in a year's time.

Speaking at CNN's Town Hall in Washington on Monday night, Sanders was asked how we would go about having a productive discussion "with someone who is unwilling to accept facts?"

His response was brilliant.

"Well, we’ll bring a lie detector along," he said.


Sanders added that he has conservative friends who are honest people and their difference in opinion is "called democracy".

Sanders said Trump, however, is a "pathological liar" who "has to be exposed".

Take a look here:


You can read more about Sanders' discussion at Town Hall here.

The Senator from Vermont joined a very crowded field of potential nominees, including Senator Kamala Harris, Senator Cory Booker, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Senator Amy Klobuchar and Senator Elizabeth Warren

The Democratic primary elections officially begin on 3 February 2020, with the Iowa caucus.


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