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07th Nov 2018

A dead brothel owner won yesterday’s US state senate election by a landslide

Rudi Kinsella

dead man wins election

We can’t imagine this happens all too often.

Earlier on Tuesday, it was announced that the Democrats captured the House of Representatives in America and that they are set to exert a major institutional check on President Trump, while breaking the Republican monopoly on power and ushering in a younger, more female and more racially diverse political generation.

It will be the first time that the party will have had control of the House in eight years.

And as big a deal as this is, it’s definitely not the most interesting story to come out of American politics today.

A dead Nevada brothel owner and reality TV star won a seat in the state legislature on Tuesday less than a month after dying.

And he won quite comfortably too.

Dennis Hof defeated Democratic opponent Lesia Romanov on Tuesday in Nevada’s deep-red Assembly District 36, which President Trump won in 2016 with 68 percent support, according to The Hill.

As a result of this surprising outcome, county officials have said they would appoint a replacement candidate from the same party for his seat.

Hof had nicknamed himself the “Trump from Pahrump”, after the town where he lived in Nevada.

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