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28th Jul 2017

PICS: Man convinces internet that Donald Trump has secret ‘Smash Mouth’ message in tweets

Well played, sir.


“Somebody once told me…”

Not a day goes by where Donald Trump isn’t in the news for something or other. We all know how much he loves his Twitter posts and this fellow tweeter convinced the internet that he was hiding a secret message in his tweets.

Smash Mouth’s All Star is one of those catchy tunes that you sometimes love and sometimes want to cut your ears off when it comes on.

The song featured in one of the Shrek movies and was famous in the early noughties before dying down and regaining popularity in the last two years thanks to this man…

Clip via Jon Sudano 

Sudano is a super fan of this song and became famous for singing the words of it alongside different backing tracks such as Oasis’ Wonderwall and John Lennon’s Imagine.

Danny Page believes that Donald Trump is also another fan of the pop song and compiled numerous so called tweets together from the current US President’s Twitter account.

Page issued a tweet on Tuesday with all of Trump’s ‘secret messages’ in it with the caption, “Y’all, you won’t believe this, but I figured out why Trump always puts random words in quote marks. It’s a secret message.”

All the tweets put together spell out the first few lines of the song and the people of Twitter lost their shit as his tweet clocked up 18,660 retweets and 38,597 likes in the space of three days.

As much as we’d love to believe that it is true. It’s not.

Yes, Trump does put certain words in inverted commas like so…

…but sadly, he didn’t put the inverted commas over these tweets like Page has suggested.

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