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03rd Nov 2023

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 371

Charlie Herbert


Hello again quizzers.

It’s been a weird week, with a lot of really awful news making headlines. And since last week’s quiz, we of course all woke up to the tragic news of Matthew Perry’s death.

I did debate doing a Chandler Bing round on this week’s quiz, but in the end it just seemed like it would be too sad. It might be one for next week.

People have written far more eloquent and moving tributes to him than I could ever write in a silly pub quiz intro, so I won’t waffle on, but if you want to remind yourself of some of Perry’s genius, then we’ve got a full A-to-Z quiz of Friends for you right here.

Away from the news, November has arrived, the weather is quite frankly vile, and it feels like it’s getting dark outside at about 3pm in the afternoon.

So if this week has left you feeling a little bit down and melancholic, hopefully the pub quiz can put a bit of pep in your step going into the weekend.

Go on, I’ve got a feeling you’re going to smash this one.

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