JOE launches 'Argue Me' — a new show on Snapchat Discover 3 years ago

JOE launches 'Argue Me' — a new show on Snapchat Discover

Ever been in a really heated argument?

Then you'll understand the passion, the pleasure, the drama that comes with the theatre of debate.


As such, Snapchat approached JOE to partner up on a new series, titled Argue Me, a brand new show that focuses on a good old-fashioned heated back and forth.

Of course, there was no better man to head this up than our own Carl Kinsella, who will take an assortment of interlocutors to task over the course of the show in a bid to beat them down.

Verbally speaking, of course.

This is Episode 1 of Argue Me, in which Carl sits down with social media sensation Michael Fry (alias @BigDirtyFry) and others to argue about the most contentious substance in the entire world - tea.


Argue Me

Check it out at this link.

Episode 2 drops next week.