Jarlath Burns: "When Daryl Gurney plays in Dublin, he gets booed, and I find that offensive" 2 years ago

Jarlath Burns: "When Daryl Gurney plays in Dublin, he gets booed, and I find that offensive"

Not on.

Northern Irish darts player Daryl Gurney has not proved to be the most popular man in Dublin during his trips to the Citywest Hotel to take part in the Grand Prix of darts.


During recent appearances, he's had to endure a cascade of boos and jeers from the Dublin crowd while taking to the stage.

The 33-year-old hails from Coleraine in Derry and he told Sky Sports last year that he expects to be booed when he plays there.

"I get booed all the time here anyway, so it's just another day for me really.

"These people have paid their money - they can support who they like. Everybody has got their favourite, so fair play to them," Gurney said.

But speaking on Ireland Unfiltered with Dion Fanning this week, Jarlath Burns said that he finds it offensive when Gurney gets booed in Dublin and that doing so is counterproductive for those seeking Irish unity.

"We support Daryl Gurney, he's our local guy, we support him," Burns said.


"The Grand Prix is held every year in Dublin and it's one of the big competitions, it's in the Citywest. And when Daryl Gurney plays in Dublin, he gets booed. And I find that offensive.

"As an Irish man living in the six counties, I find it offensive that people in the 26 counties would boo a northern protestant, because that's not... we're supporting him and the people in my capital city are booing him because he's a protestant and maybe they think that they're something that is good for Irish unity?

"No they're not. Booing a northern protestant because he's a northern protestant playing darts is totally counterproductive and embarrassing for people in the six counties," Burns said.

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