Dr. Johnny Walker explains how Jinga Life could change your family's medical future 4 years ago

Dr. Johnny Walker explains how Jinga Life could change your family's medical future

Dr. Johnny Walker, the founder of Jinga Life, reveals his motivation behind creating a company that's changing healthcare in the home.

Jinga Life is the brainchild of Dr. Johnny Walker, interventional radiologist and the founder of the major medical tech company Global Diagnostics.


He told Tadhg Enright on The Architects of Business, in partnership with EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™, how his new company Jinga Life is looking to empower those people who take responsibility for the health of their fellow family members, whether it's keeping up with hospital appointments or monitoring medication.

“(Jinga Life was set up) to stop patients coming to hospital in the first place, by enabling them to be well in the community, and within the home," Johnny revealed.

“Within the home it was my observation that the chief curator of care in the family – in the vast majority of cases, in 92% of our audit – is the female; often the mother, but often the daughter.

“We call her the Jinga after the African warrior queen, Queen Jinga. So we’ve launched Jinga Life.


“It’s all about engaging and enabling and empowering the female captain of care in every family around the globe through simple technologies.”

Explaining more about the company’s manifesto, Johnny, who was a 2010 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Finalist explains how he spoke to a number of women who were caring for elderly relatives and feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility.

“They know they have to be in Tallaght, for example, at 2.30 on a Tuesday afternoon and they’re not sure who they’re actually seeing, what they’re going for, what do they need? How they’re going to get them there, etc.”

Listen to the full clip here from 27:33 here…


Jinga Life enables the carer to view appointments, medical histories, immunisation history etc in a “family electronic health record” that’s giving the person in question – the Jinga – access to all of her family’s medical history.

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