"People are changing how they view their job," insist McArdle siblings behind Height For Hire 5 years ago

"People are changing how they view their job," insist McArdle siblings behind Height For Hire

We're no longer prepared to just clock in, do our eight hours, zone out and go home, insist two of the McArdle siblings behind Height For Hire.

One of Ireland's most well-respected family businesses, Height For Hire has been operating its machine rental business out of Ashbourne for the last 40 years.


Frances and Fergus McArdle are the daughter and son of Founder Harry McArdle.

Appearing on The Architects of Business, in partnership with EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™, Operations Director Frances discusses current workplace culture with host Tadhg Enright.

She explains how people now want their job to reflect their 'core values,' and are not prepared to work for companies where these are not shared.

“(The idea is to find) people who will persevere and they’re with you all the way, good times and bad, and if you can find those people it will really help the business," she says.


"And also I think they people are changing how they view their job. It used to be, you clocked in, you did your hours, you got paid, now people are saying, ‘where’s my place? What’s my progression? Does this fit with my core values?’

“And I know that all sounds maybe a little bit corny but people are spending so much time at work, more time at work than they are with their families, they want to work for a business that does good, or that brings people home safe or is going to give happiness or enlightenment or whatever it is…”

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“(A job has) got to feel good. And I think that people complain about younger people, the millennials, and all of that and certainly the way employees view their place is changing. But I do think that that’s a benefit because when you get them engaged and when they’re with you, they’re absolutely (with you)”

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