Reginald D Hunter on the glory and horror of life as a stand-up comedian 3 years ago

Reginald D Hunter on the glory and horror of life as a stand-up comedian

"Unlike most people, we have lots of time to think."

Currently in the midst of a nationwide tour of Ireland, this week's guest on Ireland Unfiltered is stand-up comedian, Reginald D Hunter.


While discussing the high price he's paid for success on the show, Hunter didn't shy away from the harsh reality and perhaps unseen side of life as a touring stand-up comedian and the loneliness he faces on the road.

A regular topic of conversation with comedians on the show, Hunter explained that along with the glamour of performing on stage in front of his devoted fans every night comes the lonely empty hotel rooms and the inevitable time alone to think.

"The glory and the horror of being a travelling stand-up internationally, just being on the road X number of nights out of the year, the glory and the horror of it is time to think," Hunter said.

"I mean stand-ups, we're not smarter than anybody else but unlike most people, we have lots of time to think. Empty hotel rooms, airport lobbies, long flights. Lots of time to think."


In an in-depth and honest interview with Dion Fanning, Hunter's analysis of life on the road is a common among stand-up comedians.

In a recent episode of Ireland Unfiltered, Irish comedian and actor Ardal O'Hanlon spoke about how life in the limelight and fame led him to feel uncomfortable at times. Navan native Tommy Tiernan, meanwhile, said he would change his name if he could redo his career from the start, because "it would be healthier not to have the same name as the person who’s up on stage".

Seems it's not all fun and games in the spotlight.

Check out the full episode on what Reg had to say here:


Reginald D Hunter will be performing in the Town Hall Theatre in Galway on Friday, 25 October, in the Lime Tree Theatre in Limerick on Sunday, 27 October and in The Everyman Theatre in Cork on Monday, 28 October.

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