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21st Nov 2018

Top anti-Brexit campaigner remembers the time Roy Keane “had a little go” at him

Alan Loughnane

Roy Keane and Alastair Campbell have an interesting relationship.

Author and political aide Alastair Campbell was this week’s guest on Ireland Unfiltered with Dion Fanning and he spoke about a whole range of topics, from the UK turning into a “global laughing stock” over the Irish border to the benefits of having a second referendum on Brexit.

But he also spoke about a time he managed to annoy Roy Keane with some of his comments.

Dion: Was your temper or your anger a way of releasing those frustrations and those obsessive ideas and thoughts as well do you think? Do you think you fed off your temper a bit?

AC: What temper?

Dion: You had no temper?

AC: What temper you talking about?

Dion: This is like Roy Keane, if you talk to Roy Keane he’ll tell you he never lost his temper, he doesn’t know what people are talking about.

AC: Is that what he says?

Dion: Yeah, yeah.

AC: He had a little go at me about Burnley recently but…

Dion: Did he?

AC: Yeah.

Dion: About what?

AC: Oh, I’m not telling you.

Dion: Oh, go on.

AC: No.

Dion: Anything to do with Alex Ferguson?

AC: I’ll tell you exactly what it was. It was because he saw that I talked about a previous conversation on the television! And he said, is this one gonna appear on television? So there you go, Roy!

You can watch the full exchange from the 1:01:00 mark below.

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