Working in an office is costing Irish people thousands, insists businessman Sean Brett 5 years ago

Working in an office is costing Irish people thousands, insists businessman Sean Brett

Sean Brett, the founder of Steeltech Sheds, reveals how much money people can save by working from home.

Speaking to host Tadhg Enright on The Architects of Business, JOE’s show in partnership with EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™, Sean Brett revealed exactly how much money people waste in travelling to and from work.


Having started life as a painter and decorator. Sean has built a massively successful business building everything from sheds, to coal bunkers, to home offices and the increased uptake on the latter led him to do some research.

“The home office is something that’s really taking off, because a lot of people are working from home,” he revealed.

“We see it with traffic and there’s no need for it, you can work from home.

“We did a costing on it. If you look at the cost of driving to work, on average, and driving home, and your sandwiches, and coffee. First of all, you’ll save I think it was in the region of €7,000 a year by working from home.


“But the second thing is the hours. If you calculate all the hours you spend travelling to and from work for the entire year, you actually end up with another two weeks’ holidays so working from home is fantastic and it’s something that’s really growing.”

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In a wide-ranging discussion, Sean also revealed how he rarely gets stressed despite the pressures of running such a huge company.


“I don’t get stressed. My favourite phrase is, ‘The world’s greatest opportunity comes in the disguise of an unsolvable problem.’ So, a problem is an opportunity, sometimes you mightn’t see it,” he insisted.

“It’s a big statement though, to say ‘I don’t get stressed!’ Nothing stresses you?”

“Very little. Very little. I’m very aware that we’re only here for a short time. So if you think about it logically, over millions of years you’re here for less than 100 years so it’s a very short time and the world will go on tomorrow whether you’re here or not, and the sun will get up tomorrow, so why would you be getting stressed?”


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