Brian O’Driscoll has revealed his toughest ever weights session and it sounds like hell 7 years ago

Brian O’Driscoll has revealed his toughest ever weights session and it sounds like hell

Think you’d be able to manage this?

Now that he’s retired, Brian O’Driscoll doesn’t have to worry about the gym as much as he used to, but that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten some of the agonising sessions he had to endure during his professional career.


O’Driscoll today posted on his website about the toughest weights session he ever experienced, a session in 2009 with then Leinster strength and conditioning coach Chris Dennis, who’s now working in the AFL with the Geelong Cats.

As O’Driscoll tells it, he was only back from holidays and as he had a limited window between surgeries on his eye, Dennis decided to ‘beast’ him by making him do a session with a group of players who were three weeks into their pre-season programme.

Ireland Rugby Squad Training, Carton House, Maynooth, Co. Kildare 4/3/32013 Ireland's Brian O'Driscoll during a gym session today Mandatory Credit ©INPHO/Billy Stickland

Ten exercises. Each with 100 reps. As quickly as possible.


The session was meant to last 45-50 minutes, but O’Driscoll reckons it took him almost an hour and a half and he freely admits to not finishing every exercise either.

You can read more about O’Driscoll’s memories of the session here, but below is the list of exercises and if you can manage that in one session then you’re some man for one man.

Ian Madigan couldn’t resist taking the piss, mind.


Brian O’Driscoll’s toughest ever weights session


100 x 60kg deadlifts

100 x 40kg Push Press

100 x 40kg Hang Pull

100 x Lying Pull-Ups

100 x Box Jumps


100 x 20kg Barbell Curls

100 x Tyre Flips

100 x sit-ups