Gary Lineker's take on 'It's Coming Home' has sparked a debate about English arrogance 2 years ago

Gary Lineker's take on 'It's Coming Home' has sparked a debate about English arrogance

What do you make of this?

After Croatia beat England in the World Cup semi-final, their captain Luka Modric said that his side were motivated by certain comments that were made in the English press. "English journalists, pundits from television, they underestimated Croatia tonight and that was a huge mistake. All these words from them we take, we were reading and we were saying 'ok, today we will see who will be tired," he said.


On that note, Sky Sports pundit Guillem Balague has said that after speaking with some of the Croatian players, the Croats believed that the narrative of Baddiel and Skinner's famous song, It's Coming Home, and the constant repetition of its message which you can see examples of here, was the perfect motivation for them to go and beat Southgate's men.

In fact, Balague even states that the Croatian players felt the message of It's Coming Home was a sign of disrespect.

As we've previously stated, to many football fans, It's Coming Home is the personification of a feel good factor that has returned to the English national team.

After years of relatively 'unlikeable' players and managers, the current England squad feels like a breath of fresh air that has rallied and unified the public to their cause.

After the debacle of Euro 2016, the English public now have a team that they can feel proud of and support. That's entirely understandable.


Also, with regards to Ireland, it should be said that our most beloved football song can also be interpreted as a sign of arrogance and superiority.

"We'll really shake them up when we win the World Cup" is clearly tongue in cheek, but if we're using the same parameters, there's also a case to be made that It's Coming Home should be treated in jest.

This being said, there has been a few glaring examples of the lyrics being used to amplify a rampant arrogance and cockiness that's prevalent in some English supporters that have boasted about the World Cup coming home.

As we saw, Croatia put an end to those dreams.

Regarding the issue, here's what Lineker said along with a few of the more interesting opinions that replied to his tweet.


As for the replies, they're as diverse as you would expect.